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Shirley Temple's movies may have been produced in the 1930s, but many have proven to be timeless, appealing to kids of all ages even today! I have written up very brief summaries of each of Shirley's movies, if you have a more complete summary, please email me your summary and I will add it to the website.

Movie Title: Kathleen
Year: 1941
Movie Description: (movie review by cyndi - thank you!)

This was Shirley's first (and last) movie with MGM.

Shirley plays a Kathleen (who is really a bit of a brat). Her mom died the day she was born and her rich dad never has time for her, so she acts out because of it. She hates her nanny and gives her a real hard time and sneeks out to visit a nice old man who has an antique shop every Saturday and lies about her life. She pretends that a girl on the hill is the one who really has the problems. The original name of the movie was "The Girl on the Hill" The old man isn't fooled and gives her a music box and tells her to listen to the music and dream about what she'd like her life to be like. So after that she does alot of daydreaming. One thing I didn't like was that they obviously had someone else sing for her in the only song....but since it was supposed to be a dream the different voice made sense in a way. The nanny gets fired early on in the picture, and a nice young female doctor takes her place. Her dad wants to marry a lady that Shirley hates and soon Shirley has her heart set on her dad and the doctor falling in love and getting married....... I won't spoil it any more for you, but I'm sure you can figure out the rest! The story is kinda predictable and far-fetched, but like any Shirley movie, it's fun!

My Movie Ranking (1 is lowest, 5 is highest): 2

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