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Shirley Temple, circa 1934

I became a fan of Shirley Temple when I was 12 years old, after I read Shirley Temple's biography, Child Star. Because Shirley's films have been offered on video, a lot of kids have been introduced to Shirley Temple, and become fans of Shirley Temple. And, Shirley Temple is a great role model to have!! This section is designed to let you meet other Shirley Temple fans from around the world. Also, we have created some fun Shirley Temple games to play, along with coloring pages, cards, paperdolls, and much more!

Also, if you ever feel like talking about Shirley Temple, be sure to visit the
message board forum.
It is a great place to meet other Shirley Temple fans (but be sure to get your parent's permission first).

Shirley Temple Contest - DEADLINE EXTENDED: JUNE 30, 2008

The 2008 Shirley Temple Contest has begun! CLICK HERE to find out more about it!! The 2007 Shirley Temple contest has ended, and the winners have been announced. If you have ever wanted a chance to earn your own Shirley Temple doll then this is the place for you. The essay contest was EXTENDED and will last until JUNE 30, 2008.

CLICK HERE to see the winning essay from 2007, congratulations Elizabeth!!

CLICK HERE to view more instructions about the contest. Please be sure to read through the rules and instructions carefully, so that you are sure to be doing everything as instructed.

I have also begun a Shirley Temple youtube contest. If you have a Shirley Temple you tube video, you can add it by, CLICKING HERE for more information.

Finally, we have started a Shirley Temple artwork contest. If you enjoy drawing Shirley - portraits, cartoons, paper dolls, etc. than submit your drawing, CLICK HERE for more information.

If you look like Shirley, or know someone who does, you can upload your Shirley Temple lookalike to the lookalike page: CLICK HERE to see all of the Shirley Temple look-a-likes, or to add your own.

First Prize for the Shirley Essay Contest:

Shirley Temple Email Cards and Shirley Temple Print Cards

CLICK HERE to send Shirley Temple email greeting cards to your friends. Or, you can click on the links below to find Shirley Temple cards that you can print out and give away.

Shirley Temple Interactive Dolls and Print-out Paper Dolls

CLICK HERE to play with an interactive ShirleyTemple paper doll online. If you would like to prink out a Shirley Temple paper doll, you can CLICK HERE, or you can click directly on the below links below.

Shirley Temple Games

CLICK HERE to play some fun Shirley Temple games, both interactive webgames and games that you can print out and play any time that you want, or go directly to the games below.
Interactive Computer Games: Print Out Games:

Shirley Temple Coloring Pages

We have provided a number of Shirley Temple coloring pages for you to color. CLICK HERE or just click on one of the links below, print, color, and enjoy!

Shirley Temple Quiz

Do you know a lot about Shirley Temple? Do you know all of the movies that she starred in? Do you know when she was born? Do you know the names of her brothers? Do you know the names of her movie characters? CLICK HERE to test your knowledge of Shirley Temple. Good luck !!

Being Like Shirley...

The neatest thing about Shirley Temple was that she could make people happy. Even when they were sad, she could cheer them up!

Well, you can make people happy too!!!

Just by giving a friend a Shirley greeting card, or giving your mom a picture you colored, baking some cookies for your neighbor, or thanking the mailman for always delivering your mail, you make people happy!

Can you believe that!!!

It's so easy to make someone's day, sometimes I wonder why we don't try to do it more often, especially since it makes you feel so good also.

In the Shirley Temple Kid Zone, let's try to be like Shirley, and make other people smile...if you can think of a really good way to make people happy, let me know your idea, and I will put it up on this page for everyone else to see!!

Many Shirley Temple images are copyright Twentieth Century Fox.
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