The Simple Things in Life - Shirley Temple Song Lyrics

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Shirley Temple was known as much for her songs as she was for her tap dancing. I have created a list of Shirley's most famous songs, and the lyrics. If you have the lyrics to a song that I don't currently have, please email it to me so that I can add them to the website.

Movie: Curly Top
Year: 1935
Song Name: The Simple Things in Life
Copyright 1935, Movietone Music Corporation, N.Y.
Lyrics by Ted Koehler, Edward Heyman, and Irving Caesar
Music by Ray Henderson
Have you noticed how
this old world is changing more than ever now
life needs rearranging.
It could be heavenly if we'd all remember this.
The simple things in life
are a-round you ev-'rywhere right outside your door
why keep reaching for
the moon?
Another day is here
there is happiness to share, look outside your door
and stop reaching for the moon.
There's life again in lover's lane and that's a very good sign.
We're on the track to welcome back a bit of "Auld Lang Syne"
That "Hello neighbor" smile
will be coming back in style
so will wedding rings
and the simple things in life.

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