On the Good Ship Lollipop - Shirley Temple Song Lyrics

Shirley Temple Songs

Shirley Temple was known as much for her songs as she was for her tap dancing. I have created a list of Shirley's most famous songs, and the lyrics. If you have the lyrics to a song that I don't currently have, please email it to me so that I can add them to the website.

Movie: Bright Eyes
Year: 1934
Song Name: On the Good Ship Lollipop
I've thrown away my toys,
Even my guns and trains,
I want to make some noise,
with real live aeroplanes.
Some day I'm going to fly,
I'll be a pilot to,
and when I do,
how would you,
like to be my crew?
On the good ship
its a sweet trip
to the candy shop
where bon-bons play,
on the sunny beach
of peppermint bay
Lemonade stands,
crackerjack bands,
fill the air,
and there you are,
happy landings on a chocolate bar.
See the sugar bowl
do a tootsie roll
in a big bad devils food cake,
if you eat too much,
ohh, ohh,
you'll awake,
with a tummy ache.
On the good ship
its a nice trip,
in to bed you hop,
and dream away,
on the good ship

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