Hop Skip Jump and Slide - Shirley Temple Song Lyrics

Shirley Temple Songs

Shirley Temple was known as much for her songs as she was for her tap dancing. I have created a list of Shirley's most famous songs, and the lyrics. If you have the lyrics to a song that I don't currently have, please email it to me so that I can add them to the website.

Movie: Little Miss Broadway
Year: 1938
Song Name: Hop Skip Jump and Slide
Don't be so shy Jimmy, here's your big chance
To tell the world what you have done for the dance
Your Honor, this man is the biggest of them all,
Why he's been doing dances since the dark town strutters ball
Jimmy started Truckin' and he started Suzi Q
And Peckin' and the Big Apple, just to mention a few

(Judge interrupts)
You mean he started those?
He did!
How do you know?
How do-I know your honor?
why , he told me so
(Jimmy cuts in)
I didn't exactly start em but I made em what they are today
Well what are they today?
Pass-A. And why they pass-A? Cause we've got something new
Mark it exhibit A and we'll show it to you
Mark it exhibit A
Exhibit A
Exhibit A

Come on Jimmy, take it away
Its just a hop, skip, jump and slide,
Now tip your hat as tho' you're saying bye bye
Stop, look, straight'n your tie
(Shirley pretends to straighten her tie and has her eyes to the sky)
That's the expression, eyes to the sky,
And its a hop, skip, jump and slide
That's the dance of tomorrow today
Yes sir
That's the dance of tomorrow today

**This song was not released in the final cut of the movie - thanks to www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Hills/8038/ for the lyrics

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