Shirley Temple Biography Part three

Shirley Temple Biography part 3 (1950 - present)

At this time she went to Hawaii with her daughter just to get away. It was on this trip that she met the true love of her life, Charles Alden Black. He didn't even know who Shirley Temple was, and had never seen one of her movies. They were a perfect match, and soon married, Shirley and Charles had 2 children Charles Jr. and Lori. Shirley spent the next years taking care of her children and husband.

In 1958, Shirley Temple came back to all her adoring fans. She became the host of a children's theatre show called "Shirley Temple's Story Book", later named "The Shirley Temple Theatre". In these appearances, Shirley would introduce the show for the evening, and it was usually a cute rendition of a fairy tale, sometimes Shirley would even act in them. Well, Shirley still sparkled, and television opened up a whole new generation to her and her movies. Again, people everywhere fell in love with Shirley Temple, and soon Ideal was producing Shirley dolls again, and publishing companies were rushing to get out the Shirley Temple books, paper dolls, scrapbooks, etc.

After this, Shirley became active in community service, including much charity work and a large part in the speaking on behalf of the Multiple Schlerosis Foundation, because one of her brothers had developed Multiple Schlerosis. In 1967, Shirley ran for Congress as a Republican, though she was unsuccessful at that time, she demonstrated that she was quite intelligent and more charming then most, i.e. she made an excellent politician. She was appointed delegate to the United Nations General Assembly in 1969, from 1972 to 1974 she was special assistant to the chairman of the President's Council for Environmental Quality, and in 1974, she was named the United States Ambassador to Ghana (one of her proudest accomplishments). In all of these appointments she excelled. Not only was Shirley selfless in her giving to the betterment of her country, but she was also giving in her personal life.

In 1972, Shirley became diagnosed with breast cancer and was the first celebrity to actually go public with the diagnosis. Her reason for doing this was in order to encourage other women that they needed to check for this problem, and that they didn't have to be afraid, that they could beat it. The outpouring for it at this time was amazing, and in this selfless act she most likely saved countless lives by making them aware of breast cancer and encouraging them to take action against the disease, as she had.

Shirley has continued in politics and in 1989, with the appointment of George Bush as president, became US Ambassador to Czechoslovakia, when George Bush's term ended, she went back home to spend time with her husband, and to write the second half of her autobiography, the first half being "Child Star" which was published in 1988. Most recently she was seen at the 1998 Oscars in a segment devoted to Oscar winners, and hosted a TV special titled "The 100 Most Famous Movie Stars of all Time". On April 23, 2006, the ageless Shirley Temple turns 78.

Recent news on Shirley...
On Mothers Day 2001, there was even a movie about her life on ABC starring Ashley Rose Orr. In 2002, Shirley's first husband John Agar died. In 2005, the love of her life, Charles Alden Black, her husband of 55 years passed away. On January 29, 2006, Shirley was honored with a Screen Actor's Guild Lifetime Achievement award, which she accepted with the grace and humility that has accompanied her throughout her life.

Shirley Temple still sparkles!!

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