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Shirley Temple Black

Copyright George magazine October 1999; by: Army Archerd

Shirley Temple Black's charm is as disarming today as it was 60 years ago, when, at the age of 11, with dimpled cheeks and golden curls, she was America's top box office draw. During the next half century, she segued from star of the silver screen to star on the world stage, serving as the U.S. delegate to the United Nations in the '60s, U.S. ambassador to Ghana in the '70s, and ambassador to the Czech and Slovak republic in the '80s. Believe me, her role in the political arena was a far cry from the roles she played on a soundstage at 20th Century Fox. But she was even more convincing, as well as engaging--if that could be possible--with the tough audiences she faced at the U.N. and abroad. Today Black admires another performer turned public servant, Jesse Ventura. "I like his total honesty," she says, then laughs. "But, of course, my brother George was a wrestler, so I'm partial." Hey, waiter, that'll be two more Shirley Temples, please!